The following chinchillas are for sale and include a 2 week food supply, a one month health guarantee and a pedigree. These chinchillas are friendly, handled regularly, and many are friendly enough to greet you at the door and jump into your hands. They live on average 15-20+ years and are hypoallergenic. The following chinchillas are looking for forever homes, as I am downsizing my herd some will have cages available with them, otherwise a brand new starter kit can be purchased for $120.00.
Dark Tan Female- just weaned and ready for her new home
Dark Tan Female 'Nebula' can be sold with daughter listed above
Black velvet female and mosaic white male- Breeding pair, can be separated upon request, female currently pregnant
Please contact with offers, which chinchilla you are interested in, and a brief description of your chinchilla experience. I am available to teach and offer on-going help and support :) Email or contact me by call or text 705-305-